Brittani, Corey, Britney, and Janell

We fear what we don't understand.

 Not all pets are Fluffy!

RASD is a not-for-profit group that has made it our very personal mission to be sure that every pet be given equal consideration in life - be it furry, feathered, or scaled. We aim to spread awareness through one-on-one relations and public interaction, promote of the responsible keeping of reptiles, and encourage and inspire the next generation of herpetology enthusiasts. Our pets are wonderful ambassadors of their individual species, and we invite you, the general public, to have the hands-on and exciting experience of meeting, touching, and even handling them.


Public events, private events, birthday parties, street festivals, fairs, car shows, schools -- you name it, we'll be there! RASD does not charge a hard rate for any event. Instead, we suggest offering a donation amount to cover our time and travel expenses and that amount is completely flexible. Any and all funds received by the Association go directly back into the care and upkeep of the group. We are all volunteers, in it for the love of the hobby alone. Please give us a call or send us an email to inquire about bookings. We would LOVE to participate (and educate)!

Our efforts are made possible, in part, by your generous contributions.
We appreciate everything you do for us!